10 things to know about the world’s first cannabis plant

A new cannabis plant, the world first cannabis cultivated for medicinal purposes, has been discovered by researchers in Japan.

The Japanese scientists have described the plant, which is believed to be the world’ first cannabis, as being around a metre in length and measuring around 6 cm in diameter, and has been named the “marijuana plant” or “kohaku.”

The plant is said to have medicinal properties and is the first of its kind in the world, according to the researchers, who conducted the research at the University of Tokyo.

The researchers have named the plant “meshuro.”

They said the name reflects the structure of the plant and the fact that the plant is a hybrid of a hemp plant and a cannabis plant.

The researchers believe the plant could be a new crop of medicinal cannabis, they added.

The discovery of the new cannabis has been hailed by the cannabis industry, and Japanese officials have said they expect more research to be done in the future.

The new plant is known as “moshuro,” which means “mushy” in Japanese.

It is thought that the new plant came about when Japanese scientists and farmers were experimenting with cannabis for medicinal reasons.

However, some people, such as doctors and scientists, believe that it is more likely that the Japanese researchers came up with the name as a play on the Japanese word for “cannabis.”

Mushy cannabis is not the only new plant discovered this year, as researchers in Australia discovered a new species of cannabis.

Scientists from the University for Science and Technology in Canberra, Australia, said they have found a new cannabis species in Australia, the “Kahakari cannabis.”

Researchers found the cannabis in the wild in the state’s Kakadu National Park, which was once home to an endangered species of plant called the kahakariki.

Researchers from the university say the kohaku was originally found by a local farmer, but they say the species was not widely known before it was discovered by the university.

“The discovery shows that cannabis is alive and well, and that it has been studied extensively by scientists and is growing in nature,” they wrote in the journal Science Advances.

“The discovery also shows that the discovery of this new species will provide new insights into the evolutionary history of cannabis, and may provide new tools for understanding its medicinal properties.”

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