How the carpet cleaning business is transforming into a $1 billion industry

CARPET CLEANING is booming, but the business is not about cleaning your carpet.

It’s about changing the way your carpet is laid.

That’s the big story behind the $1.8 billion carpet cleaning industry, according to a new study.

The research, released Wednesday by consulting firm KPMG, found that carpet cleaners are spending up to $1,000 per carpet in their own money each day.

That number is on track to double in the next 10 years.

Carpet cleaners spend millions of dollars each year on carpet cleaning, which is a huge expense because carpeting is typically not washed or rinsed and it takes months to get rid of the stains.

They also need to spend a lot of money to make sure that the carpet is not scratched or cut.

But there are many other costs, too.

Carbon dioxide emissions and water usageCarbon emissions, the so-called CO2 that causes climate change, is a big problem for carpet cleaners because carpet is a very porous material.

It can absorb CO2 through its pores and get soaked up in rainwater.

The air bubbles that build up in the air and are then blown into the carpet can be more than enough to kill carpet cleaning.

A cleaner’s carbon dioxide emissions are a major contributor to global warming, the study said.

The cost of cleaning your car is rising.

According to a report released last year by the World Bank, the cost of carpet cleaning could triple in 20 years to $3 billion per year.

This means carpet cleaning is going to get cheaper, but not as cheap as other cleaning methods.

In the U.S., carpet cleaners account for about one-fifth of the overall U.K. carpet cleaning market.

In China, carpet cleaners make up roughly half of the market.

But in other countries, the carpet cleaners have a bigger market share than the carpet manufacturers.

According a study published by consulting firms McKinsey & Co. and Ernst & Young, in China, for example, carpet cleaning accounts for 10 percent of the total carpet cleaning revenue in 2019, and in India, carpet cleaner accounted for 17 percent of revenue in 2020.

In Brazil, the market is about 11 percent.

And in Russia, the industry is about 7 percent.

In Germany, the biggest market, carpet Cleaning accounted for 14 percent of total carpet cleanings.

But in France, Russia and the U, the country with the biggest carpet cleaning markets, the number is 5 percent.

For more:Read the report.

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