How to keep your dog’s carpet clean

Carpet Cleaning is a pet-friendly way to keep pets happy, healthy and smelling great.

The basics of pet-cleaning include:  Cleaning your pet’s carpet: Cleaning is done with a soft brush, which leaves little residue in the carpet. 

Using a brush is easy and safe and your pet will not get any dirt on his or her carpet.

Using a dry cloth will leave the carpet feeling softer and more plush. 

Treat your dog with flea shampoo: Spraying flea powder is not as effective as regular flea spray, but it’s still recommended.

A bit of flea control is also recommended, especially if your dog is a boxer. 

Use an eye drop: Eye drops can be purchased at health food stores, pet stores, and drug stores. 

 Wear a mask when walking your dog: Dogs should be kept in an enclosed area.

The more dog-friendly the environment, the better.

Avoid using dogs on sidewalks: They can be a hazard to other people. 

Keep your pet on a leash: Dogs may run loose and may get hurt if left alone in an unattended area. 

If you have a pet with a history of allergies, make sure the dog stays on a collar, leash or a leash loop.

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