When a chemical comes to light it may not be the first thing you think of

A chemical used in cosmetics is a known threat to the environment.

Now, researchers have found a way to turn it into a cheap and environmentally friendly additive that can make cosmetics in a pinch.

In the paper, published in Nature, researchers in the Netherlands say they have created a new compound that they believe will allow us to manufacture a range of other environmentally friendly chemicals, from polymers to rubber.

These chemicals are used in everything from cosmetics to plastics to rubber to the world of sports.

They include bio-diesels, which are used for fuel and plastics. 

A new compound has been developed by a team led by Professor Klaus Kieseisen from the University of Amsterdam.

“The idea is to make a compound that is cheap, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable,” Kiesen said. 

“The aim is to do this by using a simple molecule called methyl alcohol which has the property of dissolving in water and leaving a chemical residue.”

This can be used in the production of a range, from a simple synthetic polymer to bio-degradable plastics.

“In this way, the researchers say, the new compound could be used for bio-fibre, a cheap synthetic material that could help make up for the loss of the ability to make plastic from rubber.”

It’s quite exciting that this compound is available,” Professor Kieseeisen said.”

If you want to make bio-foam, the process is quite complicated, so the key to making a biodegradable product is to use a compound like this.

“So we think that if we use this, you could get a lot of use out of the process.”

Kieseistens team has developed a new polymer which they say can be made from a single molecule.

“Our aim is the manufacture of bio-fuels,” he said.

“In other words, bio-oil from cellulose, a synthetic material.”

“We have found that a single compound can be manufactured from a mixture of these two substances.”

Professor Kiesheisen said he hoped to eventually develop a wider range of chemical compounds.

“We want to create chemicals that are useful in industries like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics,” he explained.

“And we also want to use these chemicals to help us produce food and other products.”

That’s why we need to be able to create these compounds for a wide range of industries, from food to cosmetics.

“He said the new material could be applied to a range and could be made in a number of ways.”

You could make a lot less than you need,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

For example, it can be combined with another compound to make polyester, and it could be combined to make rubber, and so on.

“Kieisen said the team had found a solution for one of the most common problems with plastics.”

Polyester is a really cheap and simple material,” he added.”

But we can’t use that because it doesn’t have the chemical structure that we want.””

So now we have a compound, a compound with this structure that can be chemically synthesised and used in a range.””

Our goal is to develop a new molecule that is economical, cheap and non- toxic.

“Professor Klaus Kiedeisen of the University Amsterdam.

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