Can we buy Scotch glass?

The Globe and Mail has learned that a Canadian company has been granted permission to produce glass from the glassy material, called Scotch, to be used in some products in the United States.

The new application to produce Scotch glass, which is also called liquid glass, is under review by the Food and Drug Administration, which could take several months.

The Scotch glass was previously developed by the Canadian company, Cleangas, and it has a high water content.

However, it has not been approved for use in the U.S. because of a federal law that prohibits companies from making certain products that are considered hazardous.

Cleangans new application, submitted to the FDA, says it has developed Scotch glass that is water-repellent and can be used for many different products, including those that are intended to be consumed in the food-service industry.

The Scotch glass is “the first product in the world to have a water-resistant coating,” the company says.

Consumers can purchase the Scotch glass for about $10 a bottle and the company has plans to market it.

The FDA does not regulate the manufacturing of Scotch glass.

But the agency did require Scotch glass to be tested to make sure it was safe before it could be used.

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