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I’m often asked about the best way to clean glassware.

 While many people recommend using a cleaner such as vinegar or bleach to remove traces of chlorine and ammonia, some people prefer to scrub the glass surface with a toothbrush and a tissue.

That’s not really a good idea.

I don’t recommend the use of a tooth brush as I find that it takes longer for the cleaning agents to penetrate the glass.

Instead, I’d recommend using an old toothbrush with a little bit of scrubbing in it.

You can also use a soft toothbrush to help remove the soap residue, or use a damp cloth and use a paper towel to clean the surface.

A toothbrush can also be used to clean a surface with just water or soap.

Some people prefer using a soft sponge to help clean the glass, but I found that it was much harder to scrub glass surfaces with this type of sponge.

The best way I found to clean glasses is to wash the surface of the glass with a soft, clean cloth, and then gently scrub the surface with your fingers.

As you scrub the surfaces, you can apply a thin layer of the cleaner to the glass and let it soak in for a few minutes.

After the cleaner has absorbed the remaining chlorine and the soap is removed, you’re ready to use it.

When you’re done, you’ll probably want to rinse the cloth in some warm water, and you can then apply a paper towels solution to the surface, then gently rub it onto the glass using a sponge.

You can also wipe the surface clean with a cloth to remove any residual residue.

Here are some of my tips for cleaning your glassware:If you use a toothbrushing to clean your glass, you might want to look into using a paper sponge instead of a soft brush.

A soft sponge can be a little more abrasive, but you’ll also be able to remove more of the soap in the process.

If you want to use a brush to scrub your glass more gently, then you’ll want to buy a brush that is designed to be used with a cotton pad.

If you’re using a toothpaste, you may want to apply a little liquid to the brush and then wipe it down with a paper pad.

The liquid helps to remove the excess soap residue.

You can try using a dry towel or a paper bag to clean up the mess that has been created.

It’s also worth considering using a small amount of soap on the brush to keep the bristles from sticking to the back of the sponge.

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