What is a multi-purpose cleaner?

A multi-use cleaner is a product that is made to be used in different tasks.

The most common is the water-based Cleaning Kit.

The Water-based cleaner is an ingredient used in a lot of cleaners, like the Clothes Cleanser and the Household Clothes Cleaner.

Other types of multi-purposes cleaners are the Bamboo Cleaner, which uses bamboo fibers and a composting system to remove dirt and grime, and the Solar Cleaner that uses solar energy to clean the solar panels on your home.

A few multi-Purpose cleaners, such as the Cleaning Clothes and the Cleaner from the Landscape and Furniture, also use recycled materials and are eco-friendly.

The Solar Cleaning system is a solar powered cleaning system that uses the sun to clean your home and garden.

Other brands of multi use cleaners, including the Solar Clothes, Cleaning and the Sun-Sized Water-Based Cleaner are not eco-sensitive.

If you need a multi purpose cleaner that uses a specific type of cleaning, we suggest you contact your local Home Depot to find one that is eco-compatible and made in your area.Read more

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