What you need to know about the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Canada

More than 80 per cent of cases in Canada are linked to the pandemic, according to the latest figures from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

But many of the country’s largest cities remain under quarantine, while the province of Quebec is still reeling from a massive outbreak of coronaviruses.

In fact, the country is now one of the worst places to be sick with the virus in the world, according the World Health Organization, and some of its worst cities are already facing shortages of essential goods.

“Quebec has been the worst affected area of the world and Quebec has been experiencing a shortage of everything,” said Dr. Jean-Jacques Rizzo, head of the Quebec Health Centre.

Rizzo said some people may be turning to more dangerous ways to get their medicine, like smoking and using intravenous needles.

But he warned that even if the pandemics spread, it could take a while for it to really take root.

“People are still recovering,” he said.

“If the pandems spread, I don’t think you’ll see any recovery for the first three months.”

What you need now: How to get the flu vaccine and more tips.

The latest data, released Wednesday by the Public Heath Agency of Quebec, shows that the number of new cases of the virus has risen to about 1,700 from the first week of March, but that the overall rate of infection remains steady.

The province is also reporting a dramatic increase in the number and types of infections, with an estimated 3,800 cases reported so far this year.

At this rate, Quebec will see 1,000 new cases in the first half of 2019, according Rizzos calculations.

While the number may seem like a lot, Rizzois said the virus is relatively common in Canada.

“This is a real problem for us,” he told the CBC.

“We are really worried.”

The province reported the virus was still at an elevated level in mid-March, with the first cases being reported in Guelph, Ont.

In Ottawa, more than 4,300 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, the highest level of the pandemia in the capital in decades.

More than 7,000 people have been treated in emergency rooms and the hospital system has seen its capacity to treat them increase by more than half in the past 24 hours.

In Toronto, there are now more than 3,600 patients at emergency departments and more than 2,500 people are being treated at hospitals.

In Winnipeg, the city’s health authority reported nearly 7,500 patients were admitted to hospitals and more 500 people were being treated.

While it is not uncommon for coronaviral infections to spike in the summer, there have been few major outbreaks in recent years, but a few dozen cases have spread in recent months, most notably in Montreal.

The city of Toronto has reported nearly 500 new cases this year, the most in a decade.

A total of 4,914 people have tested positive for the virus so far, with 1,600 of those people having been diagnosed with the coronavaccine, according Toronto Public Health.

The virus is spread through close contact, such as kissing or sharing contaminated surfaces.

A person who has contracted the virus can spread the virus to others by sharing a contaminated bed, a glove or clothing.

People who are at high risk for the pandemaker include those who live in certain neighbourhoods, those who have been exposed to contaminated surfaces, and those who are in close contact with other people with the disease.

Anyone who has not received the vaccine by the end of the week can continue to get it, according Health Canada.

There are three options for people to get vaccinated: get it in person at a doctor’s office, at a pharmacy or at a hospital.

The vaccine is recommended for everyone over the age of 12.

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