What’s the difference between carpet and dust?

Posted April 06, 2019 07:06:13As with most things in life, the answer to this question depends on how much you’re willing to take.

The carpet cleaning products that we carry today have come in many forms, but for most people they come in one of three basic types: dust, cleaning liquid, or oil.

There are a couple of different ways to clean your carpet.

If you’re looking for a cleaning liquid or cleaning powder that will actually kill mold spores and bacteria on your carpet, there are several brands that offer this.

If your carpet has been cleaned with a machine that uses chemicals to break down and clean the carpet, you’re going to be more likely to be disappointed with these products.

If you’re using a vacuum cleaner, you can also use that to clean up your carpet before you use it.

A vacuum cleaner will blow a vacuum of water on the carpet to get the dirt and debris off of the carpet.

The water will then evaporate and leave behind a liquid residue that will be a great cleaning option if you don’t have a vacuum.

If your carpet is covered in mold, you may have to use a different kind of cleaning product.

This can include a carpet cleaner that has a scrubbing feature to break up the mold, a spray of cleaner on the moldy carpet, or a special cleaning liquid that contains a chemical.

The last option is not necessarily as effective as the first two, but it will get rid of the mold and bacteria that are usually on your rug.

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