Dishwashing Liquid vs. Bleach: Which Is Better?

Bleach has been used in various forms for centuries to clean your house, but it has always been touted as a more hygienic option.

But according to Dr. William P. Scholz, Ph.

D., an associate professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco and a clinical professor at the Mayo Clinic, you can make sure that your bleach is safe to use if you use it correctly.

1 / 5 1 / 10 2 / 5 The best way to disinfect bleach is by using the right disinfectant, and not just a bleach bottle.

“DishwashingLiquid” is the most commonly used bleach, but other products can work as well, Scholze said.

You can use dishwashing liquid in a variety of ways, from cleaning your clothes to wiping your hands, but there are two types of bleach that are more common.

The first is detergent bleach.

“I recommend using Dishwashing liquid for washing clothes, as well as detergent, to kill bacteria,” Scholzing said.

The second type of bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which is used to disinfect food and water.

Sodium hypocholorite is commonly used in toothpaste and other personal care products, but you can also use it on your skin and on a dish towel.

Schollz says you should also look for detergent products that are formulated to be safe for people with skin that is sensitive to chlorine.

He recommends washing your clothes before and after using detergent.

You also should not use bleach on the back of your hand, as it could cause irritation.

The most important thing you should do with dishwashing bleach is to always rinse it off after use.

This will make sure it’s safe to reuse, Scholles said.

“If you have a dishwasher, the next best thing to do is to wash the clothes off and wash them on the spot,” he said.

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