‘The Most Dangerous Book Ever Written’ by Donald Trump and His Staff, Says Its author

Vice News has exclusively learned that Trump’s team, which includes his sons, have signed on to co-write and edit the first book about their father.

The book, titled “The Most Toxic Book Ever,” is set in the 1990s and tells the story of how the President’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., took the President down.

In an interview with Vice News, a former White House official said Trump Jr. will be “very involved in the book.”

“He is going to be an author in this book, and we have no idea what it’s going to cover, but he is going be very involved,” the source told Vice News.

“We have no indication that he will be in it.

We are not allowed to reveal anything about it until after we get the book signed.”

The book is set to be released in the fall, and Trump Jr.’s role will not be disclosed until it’s published, the source added.

“This book is going get released soon.

He’s going be the author.”

The source also said Trump’s eldest sons, Donald Jr., and Eric, will “write, edit, and promote the book” for the first time, with the elder Trump also expected to help.

The source said the book is not set in a specific era, but rather is set “in a time period that is very much a part of the Trump family’s life.”

“This is a book that you can expect to be a little bit more political and a little more personal than anything else that’s out there,” the former Whitehouse official said.

The former official told Vice the book will “talk about the Trump presidency, but not just about Trump.”

The former WhiteHouse official, who is a close confidant of Trump’s, did not say how long the book would be, but said it is “very ambitious.”

“I have no clue how long this book is, but I know that the book has a long shelf life, and this book will probably be out in the Fall of 2020,” the person said.

“It’s not going to go out in six months, or even five years.”

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