Why is there so much waste in the world?

In the past, India has been seen as a land of abundance, but in the past decade, the country has lost nearly half its farmland.

The reason for the decline has to do with the rising cost of agricultural inputs.

In the last decade, agricultural inputs have increased by an average of about 25 percent.

But the cost of these inputs has been increasing steadily.

The government is trying to tackle this by offering incentives to farmers, encouraging the use of fertilizers, and by introducing new technologies to help farmers cope with the growing cost of inputs.

The country is also considering setting up a waste collection agency.

A new government report has said that this will help in curbing the waste produced by India’s farmers.

However, in spite of these efforts, the world is still wasting a lot of plastic.

According to the report, about 70 percent of the plastic consumed worldwide in 2014 is from India.

In addition, India produces almost three-quarters of the world’s plastic waste.

While the Indian government is working to reduce the use and production of plastic in the country, its environment minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is now considering an ordinance to impose a fine on anyone who buys plastic bags, containers or other products from foreign countries.

The ordinance would also help curb the dumping of plastic products on the streets of the country.

According a report in Business Standard, Prasada plans to propose the ordinance as an amendment to the Indian National Green Investment Act (INGA) to make it a crime to import or export plastic products.

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