How to wash your plastic waste and recycle it

You’ve heard the old adage about the value of recycling and the importance of taking care of your environment, but what if you forgot to take care of the environment before you even started to take up the task of recycling?

Well, now you can have your fill of waste and recyclables with a new product from the world of waste reduction called Waste Bag.

The product is made by the company, Waste Bags, and is made up of a bag that is lined with polyurethane and then coated with a synthetic rubber, which is then rolled into a plastic bag, and then sealed inside with a plastic film to keep the waste in place.

The bag is then filled with recycled waste from the waste management companies and then stored in a landfill.

To find out more about the product, head to and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get more news about the waste reduction and recycling industry.

You can also join in on the conversation on our Facebook page.

If you or someone you know needs help with any of these issues, contact your local community support organisation, which can also provide support in local communities.

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