‘No, we did not’: A man who took his own life after suffering from a stomach bug says he had no idea the food was tainted, and blames his health for his suicide

By JASON BERNARD and JENNIFER JOHNSONPosted November 14, 2018 05:37:20A man who fatally overdosed on an unknown substance has told the ABC he was “horrified” by what he ate at the restaurant in the hours before he committed suicide.

Key points:John Furlong, 55, killed himself in JanuaryAfter leaving his job as a supermarket delivery driver, John Furlung became ill with stomach flu and went into hospitalThe former employee says he was told to stay home and put his food in a freezerThe man said he was drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes before he took his lifeThe man, who asked not to be identified, was in hospital in the days before his death on January 14 after he had eaten the same food as his colleagues for a meal.

He said he had been told to put his meals in a microwave for the night, and that he had drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes before taking his own lives.

He also said he felt “horrible and ashamed” for his actions, and he was unable to get the food he ordered to go to the fridge.

The man told the Brisbane Times that he and a colleague were waiting for a delivery and were waiting in line when the food arrived.

“I was so shocked that I took my own life,” he said.

“That’s the only reason I’m telling you.

I’m disgusted.”

Mr Furlings first symptoms of stomach flu began three days before he went into a hospital emergency room, where he was put on antibiotics.

“The first thing I had was stomach pain,” he told the paper.

“There was an immediate rash on my face, which got worse, and my hair got a bit long and it started growing on my neck.”

Then I had a feeling in my throat.

That’s when I started feeling nauseous and I was very confused.

“After being told to wait in the waiting room, he said he saw a man, aged around 35, who was “stumbling and stumbling” and he thought it was a man he knew.”

He was wearing a suit and he had a very white beard, and I thought he was going to be a bit odd because he was stumbling,” he recalled.”

But then he just started talking and I realised he was actually a doctor.

“At first, I thought it must have been the flu, but when I got back to my car I noticed there was no flu in the fridge.”

The man had a “big, white, white thing” sticking out of his throat, and it was “like I was dying” and that his “face was red”, Mr Furlongs friend said.

Mr Fowlings friend told the newspaper the man then “started laughing and saying ‘this is what happens to you when you get sick’,” and that “the doctor said he must have had a fever”.’

It was like I was going into a coma’After he returned to the waiting area, Mr Fowls friend said he asked the doctor what he was supposed to do and “he said it was fine, he just had to go into the kitchen”.

Mr Fowler, who is from New South Wales, was later told by the doctor that the patient was having a stomach flu.

“This was the last thing I saw before I died,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“It was almost as if he had passed out and was floating around the room.”‘

It wasn’t a conscious decision’Mr Foulings friend said that the man’s family “felt very badly” and called Mr Foules to tell him he had taken his own own life.

“They were very distraught,” he added.

“My friend’s family just wanted to know how he did it.

They asked me why and I said I didn’t know.”

Mr Jansen, who works at the same supermarket as Mr Fowler’s, said he could understand why he did not want to take his own death public.

“John was a good man who loved his job and he loved his family,” Mr Jansen said.

The ABC understands the man was on leave from the supermarket when he took the fatal dose of an unknown drug.

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