The new Scotch whisky is making it on the big screen

It’s not often that we see an indie film make it to the bigscreen, but that’s exactly what the forthcoming thriller, Criminal, is doing.

It’s an action-packed thriller set in the 1980s that follows two friends (played by British actors Ben Whishaw and Nick Hornby) as they investigate the murder of their beloved daughter.

It’s the sort of film that we expect to see at the Cannes Film Festival this year, but we’re very excited to see what the movie will be up against when it opens.

We’ve got some new footage to share with you below, and if you’ve been keeping up with our reviews, you know that we love action-adventure movies and they’re always a treat.

We have a full list of the film’s upcoming dates, so keep an eye out for our full reviews as we roll out the release date.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Whishabag actor Nick Hornbysen, who plays Nick, about the upcoming thriller.

In Criminal, we follow a young British couple (Whishabeg and Hornby), as they look into the murder that took place in their home town of Glasgow.

They are joined by a police officer (Rafael Gómez) who’s investigating a case of suspected serial killer called Mark (Michael Pitt), who has been stalking the couple for years.

It turns out that Mark is also stalking the mother of his daughter.

The movie stars Ben Whishingaw, Nick Hornbysen and Rafe Spall, and is set for release on May 29.

It has a release date of May 29, 2020.

Watch the trailer below:

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